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Not Only Hair Care
But Also Care Your Entire Head

chou chou

Chou Chou is the hair care brand designed to cleanse, repair and protect

not only your hair but also your scalp, skin and even your entire head

by using all of our products.

Environmentally & Human-friendly
Professional Quality Hair Care Products

That You Can Easily Use at Home

More than 90% of the ingredients are naturally occurring,

which is very friendly to the body and the environment.

・Women's back acne
・Affects to the mother

(the likelihood of  that accumulated poisons will be detoxed to the baby)
・Hairdresser's rough hands
・Environmental problems

The products that I created with consideration for various things

and using all of the knowledge from my experience in the beauty industry.

It's lovely if you can realize,

"I could have easily taken care of that!"

in your daily life.

 There is nothing better than the accumulation of days.
Beautify your bare hair with Chou Chou series

and enjoy the hairstyles as much as you want!

Director of "Chou Chou"

CEO/ Director of "Le rond" 

Yuki Yamomoto


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